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Fighting Swine Flu with Ayurveda in Lithuania

Lithuanian participants at the workshop organised by Gamtos Namai (Biosola), Jiva distributor in Lithuania, received simple, effective tips and home remedies to fight swine flu. Speaking at the seminar on “Cleansing Body and Mind,” held at Panorama Hotel in the capital city of Vilnius, Dr. Partap Chauhan went on to explain the essence of Ayurveda and its ability to solve modern-day lifestyle disorders such as stress, obesity besides swine flu. Continue reading

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Swine Flu Prevention with Ayurveda

The swine flu epidemic has continued to spread and cause concern throughout the world. Governments across the world have launched massive media campaigns to create awareness among the general public on this disease. In spite of this, it continues to spread and pose a threat to millions of people, thereby emphasising the importance of prevention in curbing the disease. Continue reading

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Beauty Industry Welcomes Ayurveda in Poland

The innate ability of Ayurveda to provide care and sustenance to natural beauty is all set to receive a widespread usage in Poland with Jiva recently conducting a series of lectures and workshops at the annual Beauty Congress organised by the famous Polish beauty magazine LNE (Les Nouvelle Esthetique & Spa) in the city of Krakow. Continue reading

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Ayurveda on the National Radio of Lithuania

Ayurveda received yet another giant impetus in the Eastern European country of Lithuania recently with Jiva making a buzz with an Ayurvedic workshop, health consultations, launch of Jiva’s natural healthcare products and a radio interview on the Lithuanian national radio. Continue reading

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Japan’s Ayurveda Awakening!

This May, Japan waked up to a healthier and more energised tomorrow with Ayurveda. Jiva recently organised a three-day Ayurveda retreat in Japan followed by a lecture on Rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Soul by Dr. Partap Chauhan. The participants who came from different parts of the country gathered at a resort near the picturesque Yamanakako Lake, north of Mt. Fuji and enjoyed their stay in harmony with nature. They were particularly baffled at the simplicity yet comprehensiveness of the Jivananda Lifestyle Regimen. “Jivananda is excellent and, I believe, this is going to make me disease-free for life,” said one participant. Continue reading

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Life-Wellness Reaches Rohini with Jiva’s New Clinic

Wellness is now not far away for the residents of Rohini, Delhi, India. For, the residents here will now have access to world-class Ayurvedic health and beauty care with the recent opening of Jiva’s seventh clinic and Panchkarma centre in … Continue reading

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Jiva Ayurbaby Plan begets an Ayurbaby!

Shillpa Singh who hosts my Eternal Health TV show in the Care World channel has given birth to a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. The boy who has been christened as Krishiv is yet another example of healthy babies born in conformity with Ayurvedic principles. Shillpa, having worked closely with Jiva for a long time, underwent the Jiva Ayurbaby Plan that includes a number of lifestyle and dietary practices and Ayurvedic techniques that start even 3 months before conception. Continue reading

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