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Jiva to launch multiple programs in Lithuania

Jiva Ayurveda will soon be starting multiple Ayurvedic programs in Lithuania. In the one-week tour that recently concluded, Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda, had a number of important meetings in addition to public lectures in various cities of … Continue reading

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Three Chauhan Brothers welcomed in Lithuania

It was for the first time outside India that the three Jiva directors, Dr. Partap Chauhan, Mr. Rishi Pal Chauhan, and Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa (Chauhan) shared the stage. While Dr. Chauhan spoke on Jivananda, the daily routine program developed … Continue reading

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Governments Recognise the Ayurveda Man

Governments and media across these nations have started to recognise Dr. Chauhan’s exemplary contribution to the spread of Ayurveda. Recently, he was honoured by the governments of India and Lithuania at a ministerial gathering in New Delhi, India. Continue reading

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Fighting Swine Flu with Ayurveda in Lithuania

Lithuanian participants at the workshop organised by Gamtos Namai (Biosola), Jiva distributor in Lithuania, received simple, effective tips and home remedies to fight swine flu. Speaking at the seminar on “Cleansing Body and Mind,” held at Panorama Hotel in the capital city of Vilnius, Dr. Partap Chauhan went on to explain the essence of Ayurveda and its ability to solve modern-day lifestyle disorders such as stress, obesity besides swine flu. Continue reading

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Dr. Chauhan’s Wellness World Tours

While the world is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for lifestyle-induced diseases and stress-related disorders, there are a few who are relentlessly working towards creating awareness on a permanent, natural solution in the form of the ancient wisdom called Ayurveda. Continue reading

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Ayurveda on the National Radio of Lithuania

Ayurveda received yet another giant impetus in the Eastern European country of Lithuania recently with Jiva making a buzz with an Ayurvedic workshop, health consultations, launch of Jiva’s natural healthcare products and a radio interview on the Lithuanian national radio. Continue reading

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First Lithuanian Children’s Book on Ayurveda Inspired by Jiva

With the publication of the first Lithuanian children’s book on Ayurveda, Jiva’s dream to bring authentic Ayurveda to every home has moved one-step closer to its fulfillment. This modern-day fantasy, titled Miglė, Ramas and Ežiukas in the Wonderland of Ayurveda, has been authored by Lithuanian journalist-author Ms. Agnė Tarvydaitė and published jointly by Ajurvedos Akademija (Ayurveda Academy) and Homo Faber. Continue reading

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