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Jiva saves life of Liver Cirrhosis Patient

At Jiva Ayurveda, we have touched the lives of our patients in more ways than one. Sometimes, it was a simple consultation that helped people get rid of their everyday problems, whereas sometimes, we have transformed lives through a prolonged … Continue reading

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Jiva Ayurveda changes Hair Loss Patient’s Life

Jiva Ayurveda has, in the 15 years of its existence, cured millions of patients worldwide. And today, we are pleased to add yet another satisfied patient to our list of proud achievements. Mr. C.S. (name changed), one of our hair … Continue reading

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Fighting Swine Flu with Ayurveda in Lithuania

Lithuanian participants at the workshop organised by Gamtos Namai (Biosola), Jiva distributor in Lithuania, received simple, effective tips and home remedies to fight swine flu. Speaking at the seminar on “Cleansing Body and Mind,” held at Panorama Hotel in the capital city of Vilnius, Dr. Partap Chauhan went on to explain the essence of Ayurveda and its ability to solve modern-day lifestyle disorders such as stress, obesity besides swine flu. Continue reading

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Dr. Chauhan’s Wellness World Tours

While the world is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for lifestyle-induced diseases and stress-related disorders, there are a few who are relentlessly working towards creating awareness on a permanent, natural solution in the form of the ancient wisdom called Ayurveda. Continue reading

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Jiva Ayurveda Clinic in Surat

Good news for people residing in and nearby the city of Surat in Gujarat, India as life-wellness makes its entry into the city on November 6, 2009 with Jiva opening its 8th Ayurvedic clinic here. Continue reading

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Swine Flu Prevention with Ayurveda

The swine flu epidemic has continued to spread and cause concern throughout the world. Governments across the world have launched massive media campaigns to create awareness among the general public on this disease. In spite of this, it continues to spread and pose a threat to millions of people, thereby emphasising the importance of prevention in curbing the disease. Continue reading

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Authentic Ayurveda Courses Arrive Europe

The University of Terre-du-Ciel (Earth from Above), Bruailles, France has started two five-week courses in Ayurveda, based on the curriculum and support from Jiva. They are Panchakarma Therapist and Ayurvedic Counsellor Courses. The first three weeks of the classes are to be conducted in France in the first week of every month for three alternate months. The remaining two weeks are to be held at the Jiva headquarters in Faridabad, India. Continue reading

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