Want to build a Better Relationship with your Child? Read The Ice Cream Dilemma

Most parents today are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with their kids, especially when the talk veers to careers and professional plans. The globalization of information has made today’s kids highly opinionated, so much so that they disregard the many valuable things that their parents know about life and work. Moreover, many parents lack the tact to deal with children of this generation and end up being denounced for not being ‘up-to-date’. If you are one such parent, it’s indeed time to mend your relationship with your child. The Ice Cream Dilemma shows you how!

Authored by renowned educator and bestselling author, Steven Rudolph, The Ice Cream Dilemma: Choosing your child’s ideal career with Multiple Intelligences & Multiple Natures is a great offering for today’s ‘hassled’ parent. To be published by Times Books in July, 2011, the book explores ways in which a parent can lay the groundwork to create an environment that is much more conducive to open communication. Steve’s simple suggestions will help parents understand their children better and play a more active and acceptable role in their decisions.

To know all about it ‘Making Decisions – Together’, get ready for The Ice Cream Dilemma!

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Jiva organizes two-day MN Workshop for Educational Leaders

Jiva Institute recently organized a dynamic two-day Multiple Natures workshop (June 27 & 28, 2011) for educational leaders from various parts of the country. Facilitated by renowned educator and Jiva Education Director, Steven Rudolph, the workshop provided educators a platform to explore the path-breaking MN theory that is making waves throughout India for helping students find ideal careers matching their personalities.

The event kicked off with a welcome ceremony, during which the participants recited a Saraswati Vandana, led by students of Jiva Public School. Each educator was then garlanded and welcomed with a customary tilak by the Jiva team.

Thanking the educators for taking time out for the workshop, President of Jiva Institute, Mr. Rishi Pal Chauhan, said, “As India inches closer to the ‘developed nation’ status, it is common to see our children moving away from their central force, which is their culture and tradition. At Jiva, our objective is to ensure that each child stays connected to his roots, irrespective of his educational or technological advancement. The whole purpose of education should be to create students of good character and discipline. Whatever the circumstances in their life, I can assure you such children will never fail.

“We have successfully used the Multiple Natures concept to deeply understand each child in our school and tailor his learning experience accordingly. I urge all educators of the country to use this concept to discover the potential in their students and play a guiding role in creating a healthy, wealthy and peaceful society.”

About 22 educators and counselors from some of the top schools of the country participated in the event. The list included DAV Public School (Amritsar), SOS Children’s Villages of India (Faridabad), Rayat International School (Ropar), Eicher School (Faridabad), KIIT World School (New Delhi), Cambridge School (Noida), Holy Heart Presidency (Amritsar), and NH Goel World School (Raipur), among others.

The program was the first-ever master class for educational leaders with Steve, the creator of MN, who has brought the concept to thousands of students, teachers and parents all over the country. In the highly interactive session, educational leaders, principals and counselors experienced the power of MN and how it can help practically bridge the gap in education—moving from the old-world paradigm of factory-based learning, to the new era of personalized learning. In the two days of the workshop, Steve demonstrated how the MN framework can be applied in a multitude of ways – career and academic guidance, counseling of parents, engaging and motivating teachers – to create a holistic learning environment that taps each child’s potential.

During the closing ceremony, each participant was given a certificate of participation along with a special gift from Jiva. The educators, on their part, were extremely pleased with the arrangements and thanked the entire Jiva team for carrying out the workshop so efficiently. They also expressed their gratitude to Steven Rudolph for giving them a deep insight into the MN concept and how it could help them in their profession. Mrs. Neera Sharma, Principal of DAV Public School, Amritsar, said, “Even though we knew a lot about MIs and MNs, this workshop has been a real eye opener on the multiple ways in which we can apply this framework in educational management. I would really like my teachers to understand this concept and use it in their teaching methodologies.”

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Jiva organizes Consultation Camp in Gwalior

Jiva Ayurveda Director, Dr. Partap Chauhan, visited Gwalior on May 21 and 22 in order to spread awareness about Ayurveda. During his visit, he also consulted numerous patients who were suffering from chronic diseases. Speaking to the local media, Dr. Chauhan expressed the need for educating about Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet. He said, “Diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, Stroke, Arthritis and High Blood Pressure are spreading like an epidemic, and without Ayurveda, it will be impossible to control the speed of growth of such diseases. Ayurveda not only helps in treatment of chronic diseases but also guides people about prevention of diseases.” The event was organized by Good Luck Fitness Center, who are also the local distributors of Jiva’s Ayurvedic and beauty products in the city.

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Jiva takes the Ayurvedic recruitment bandwagon to Amritsar

Having tasted success with campus recruitments in Bangalore and Patiala, Jiva took the Ayurveda bandwagon to Amritsar. The campus recruitment session, organized at the Shree Lakshmi Narayan Ayurvedic College, saw about 100 students (both freshers and alumni) participate in the event.

Students of the college were quite thrilled to be a part of the session and gave their best to get a place in the Jiva family. The event was widely covered in the local media, with many hailing Jiva for its unique efforts.

Dr. Narendra Kumar Chawla, Principal, Shree Lakshmi Narayan Ayurvedic College, was pleased with the entire event and the response it generated. “It’s the first campus recruitment session for my students and they are obviously excited. I wish more and more Ayurvedic companies follow Jiva’s example and help in spreading Ayurveda across the world by nurturing fresh talent,” he said.

Jiva Ayurveda is one of the most respected Ayurveda companies in India.  It works with the aim of making people healthy and happy through easy access to personalized and authentic Ayurvedic treatment and medicines. By being a part of Jiva, doctors not only get an opportunity to open up their career avenues, but also get a detailed insight into Ayurvedic principles and their application in practical life. The Jiva TeleMedicine Center, a first-of-its-kind concept in the world, was established in 1998 as an integrated center of telephonic health consultation. Today, Jiva has over 125 Ayurvedic doctors and consultants providing consultations to millions of patients across 1200 cities and towns in India.

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Teacher Training Program at Jiva focuses on Learning Mastery

Jiva stands a class apart by having delivered its promise year after year. Thanks to the organization, change is in the air and here to stay. It is amazing to watch that people have actually come out of the shell. They have not only started accepting the changed scenario but are also trying to adapt to it.

Educators, parents and students have realized that education is not only about marks and report cards, it is actually a peep into one’s personality and a study of self and its evaluation to bring about a change in the way we think and act.

Jiva, as always took the lead to introduce its teachers to a whole new perspective of thinking, realizing the self and to ‘be the change’ to bring about one. The Annual Teacher Training Program commenced with the introduction of the parent topic ‘Learning Mastery’ which includes a thorough study of one’s intelligences and natures followed by setting up academic, personal and team goals.

The teachers were ushered into a lifetime experience of choosing from seventeen hands-on projects including peer mentoring, library management, maintaining a garden for the students and more, according to their own strengths. They were then introduced to ‘Process Mapping’ which enabled them to work in teams and present their accomplishment in a span of merely five days.

Each teacher was thrilled to contribute and achieve. Jiva President, Sh. Rishi Pal Chauhan congratulated the faculty for having taken up the tasks to the best of his expectations and encouraged them to involve the students in all the above processes during the year.

Jiva’s Educational Director, Mr. Steven Rudolph was happy to see his theory of ‘Multiple Natures’ being used innovatively and felt that the Jivites have grown up and are able to understand the real meaning of education – mastering learning and are equipped to handle the complexities of the world, create a space for themselves and bring about the required changes to make the world a better place to live in.

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Jiva Public School kicks off new session with Teacher Training Program

As the new academic year commences, Jiva Public School (JPS) organized a special Teacher Training Program for all teachers of the school, to get them on board with Jiva’s unique educational system and goals as an organization. The program was kickstarted by an introductory session, where all the new teachers introduced themselves and talked about what they wanted to achieve during their stint in Jiva.


Teacher Training Program at Jiva Public School

The Teacher Training Program was attended by Jiva Public School President, Rishi Pal Chauhan, and Principal, Chander Lata Chauhan.

The round of introductions was followed by an address by Rishi Pal Chauhan, President, JPS, who congratulated the teachers on commencement of a new session. Speaking about Jiva’s philosophy and objectives, he said, “The goal of Jiva Public School is to create successful and disciplined citizens of India. I don’t want my teachers to come here and work on completing the syllabus or generating high marks. Of course, these things are very important; but, according to me, character building is the most important function of an educational system.

“I urge teachers to use their special abilities to discover and hone special abilities in children. To achieve this purpose, we have to identify the weaknesses in a student and then find the best possible solution to overcome them.”

Steven Rudolph, Educational Director of JPS, also addressed the teachers during the program. He highlighted the importance of identifying one’s nature and then choosing work or professions in accordance with one’s strengths.


Steven Rudolph at Teacher Training Program

Educational Director of Jiva Public School, Steven Rudolph, addresses teachers during the Teacher Training Program that marked the commencement of the new academic session.

Citing the example of cells in the body, he said, “Just like the human body has millions of cells who perform different functions, the society also has different people who are apt for performing various kinds of functions as per their capabilities. The moment a cell goes awry in its functioning, it causes imbalance in the body and leads to physical or mental disorders. Similarly, when a member of the society decides to take up someone else’s task, it results in imbalance of work.” He asked his teachers to help students understand the concept of Follow Your Nature, identify the careers that suit their personality, and then focus all their efforts in that direction.

The Teacher Training Program at JPS will go on for a week, where teachers will be provided comprehensive training on topics such as Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures, SOE (Self-Others-Environment) philosophy, dincharya (daily routine), etc. They will also be enlightened about the latest learning techniques that can be used in classrooms to personalize the learning experience for students.

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Meet a dedicated Ayurveda Enthusiast

Ayurveda enthusiast Lilliana from Mexico

Lilliana Flores Banavides

Lilliana Flores Banavides of Mexico is one of the most ardent followers of Ayurveda, someone who swears by this natural way of life.

Her dedication to Ayurveda is the reason why she keeps coming back to Jiva (she’s already been here three times).

During her visits, Lilliana always makes it a point to bring in people from her country, with the intention of enlightening them on the benefits of the ancient science of healing. During a freewheeling chat, she speaks to us about her love for Ayurveda, Jiva and India.

What is the response to Ayurveda in Mexico?

Right now, Ayurvedic knowledge is not very massive there. It is only followed by a select group of people. However, of late, we have witnessed a huge amount of interest in different kinds of alternative treatments, including Ayurveda. I am sure, with the right kind of promotional activities, we will be able to present the benefits of this science to a larger section of the Mexican society.

Have you adopted Ayurveda in your own life?

Ayurveda is a highly beneficial and interesting ancient knowledge system that should be adapted in our lives. It is not just effective in healing physical disorders, but also helps us in creating a better world. Personally, I am a huge Ayurveda lover and have adopted its principles in my life. I promote this science in my school and make efforts to bring students to Jiva. In fact, I have plans to invite Dr. Chauhan for a lecture in Mexico.

This is the third time you have brought a group of students to Jiva. What attracts you to this organization?

Dr. Partap Chauhan is the biggest reason why I come back again and again. He is not only an extraordinary doctor, but also a great human being. This is a rarely-found combination in our world today. Moreover, I have always enjoyed my stay at Jiva because of the love and affection that I get from people here. I would love to come here every year.

How have your fellow Mexicans found the experience of being at Jiva and India?

Initially, they were in a state of shock, which is quite natural because they witness an entirely different culture in this country. However, day by day, they begin to appreciate life here. About their stay at Jiva, I am sure they will take back very fond memories of the learning experience as well as the hospitality.

What do you like most about India?

The people of India. According to me, the people here are very friendly and kind. Irrespective of their financial status, they treat you with so much of compassion that it is really heartwarming.

What message would you like to give to Ayurveda enthusiasts around the world?

Everybody should have this experience of Ayurveda and enjoy its benefits. It will not only enlighten your lives, but also offer numerous benefits for your family and the community in general.

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